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Welcome to the Weston Meter FAQ. I'll try and answer your questions as soon as possible, but if anyone else has an answer, please let me know through the Guestbook.

The most common question is about repairs. Four options.

Ian Partridge offers a repair service in the UK (Colchester, Essex). He also has some useful tips on the site - well worth a visit.  

You can contact OTC now that Megatron who were the manufacturers of the most recent Weston are no longer in business. They offer a repair and re-calibration service for current as well as older models.

John deVries from Holland. John charges 95 Euro to put your meter back into full working condition and fit for another 25 years of use. John knows his Westons!!. You can contact him on his excellent site and go to ORDER.

Or, DIY. Dangerous but cheap! Take a look at Daniel Mitchell's excellent Camera Repair site. And yet more at James Ollinger's site

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