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Bus Parts For Sale & Swap Forum
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Hi I am warning everyone there is a fellow Raymond Hosford trying to sell everyone parts he does not have.

So Please be very careful of who you buy bus parts from. If someone approches you though this web site or by e-mail and offers you the exact parts you need please make sure they send you pictures of the parts not just say they have them and then tells you to send the money to his Brother- in - law in the states instead of worring about paying him with pounds etc.

the fellow that worte me was Raymond Hosford I'm sure not his right name , but he did have everything I needed including a part that I knew he would nat have and was not concerned witht he size of it for shipping.

he also sent me pictures of buses he did not own and parts I repaired myself as proof of what he was going to send me, that blew the whole deal.

Any way I just wanted to warn everyone to be very careful of who you deal with and what they are offereing. a Picture is worth asking for . and always ask for something you know is not bus related or make up a part name and then see what comes back.
Buyer Beware!!!

Mark G founder of the British Bus Club