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Need Brake Shoes for 1979 Bristol VRT

Please email us or call us at 305-479-0391 thanks.

Re: Need Brake Shoes for 1979 Bristol VRT

I have a 78' VRT and have been looking as well. There may be a company in Britain that sells new shoes, but I found that by calling around town, most if not all brake repairs can be done locally. In my case, once they have the shoes *(and need specs on new shoes), they will look for replacements. If nothing they can order will fit, they can pour and form the shoes inside 3 days. Could cost up to $500, but I'm guessing it will run around $350-450. Anyone got a better idea?

Re: Need Brake Shoes for 1979 Bristol VRT

Contact Phil Higgs at the Busworks in Blackpool. They have rebuilt several VR's and both service and re-certify them.

They will be able to tell you a source for linings and/or do the work if you send them the shoes.


Re: Need Brake Shoes for 1979 Bristol VRT

I found a man in London that provides most of the local DD bus companies with new and used spares. It wasnt real cheap, but I now have a full front/rear set of brake linings and rivets for my 78 Bristol VR. You could expect up to 4-600 Pounds Sterling, but it's factory new stock vs. some cobbled used up wreckmakers! Let me know if you still need some help~