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Re: 3 Bristols and parts

Hi' I have a 1962 Bristol FS6B with motor but no tranny. Interested in selling the whole bus because it would be a shame to part it out. Offers. also have 1953 Bristol LD6B. No motor or tranny but body in good condition, plus a 1958 Bristol LD6B, with motor but no tran. Body, frame and interiors in all 3 good.Also have engines and parts. Offers on all or separately.Willing to trade for equal value.I can be reached @ 250 722 2070. on the west coast.

Re: 3 Bristols and parts

hi,I am lokesh.I think this topice for information please click this link...Automotive Parts

Re: Bristol Parts

I need a Power Steering Pump for a 1981 Bristol Double Deck Bus with a Gardner engine

Re: Have parts

This is a totally cold call but I do have a Bristol bus but know no one with any information on them. It is a 1964 double decker, I have bought it and it came with two of the original type of engines, one comes with a transmission, but here is the problem: The company I bought it all from wants to have me pick them up, which Iam happy to do, if the parts are worth anything.

Just because they are old does not necessarily mean they are worth anything, on the other hand it may be worth me taking them and parting them out..is there any market for the old engines and their parts? Mike Upton, 425.358.1698

Re: Have parts

If these are new parts (new old stock) I need a release velve for the air brake system '66 bristol. but other years will prob. fit..........no used valve....I can rebuild the one I have....for saftey I need a new one.


Re: Have parts...revisited

...A low mileage valve is acceptable.....Stefan