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Welcome to our forum. Feel free to post a message. Please let me know when you swap or sell your parts so I can remove the items from this forum. Thank You to post pictures; Images must be stored somewhere that allows remote loading, or on a Bravenet Photo Center. Is also seems that images stored on Bravehost web space also work. The owner of the forum must also have enabled html in the forum. , you simply use standard html code: you start out with this simbol..... < ..... then...... img src= ..... then your web address for the picture.... then this simbol.... > ...... and your picture should come up example < img src=http://www.britishbusclub.org/52%20JAL%20far%20side.JPG> pictures can be gif or jpg.


  Please NOTE this is an  old forum I had on a different site but all seems to be working.


Bus Parts For Sale & Swap Forum
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