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Merkado Demolition

In just one and a half days, with the combined use of military and police force, ala martial law, the buildings at the public market were demolished despite vehement objection of the market occupants and concerned citizens. Mayor Anlie Apostol, with the assistance of her Congresswoman mother, is bent on replacing all the buildings at the public market to be financed by still unreleased P46.5 Million loan from the Landbank.

Carigaranos would not object if this amount were to be used to construct additional market stalls in vacant spaces at the market site rather than replace existing buildings constructed during the last fifty years which are still in good and tenantable conditions.

The motive is clear - to erase all previous landmarks and claim the "to be" constructed market as their own accomplishment - but Carigaranos to pay the loan.

We are appealing to all Carigaranos, wherever they are, to unite and prevent/stop this self-centered, wicked and malicious plan of the Apostols.

(Please pass on to other Kalgaran-ons) then post your comment, we would like to share your opinion to everyone..

Re: Merkado Demolition

It's disgusting!!!! to see a large piece of Carigara's history crumbled to the ground. It's a shame. I will be missing the building that through times had stood as a living witness to the hustle and bustle of Carigara marketplace and to the generations that came and had gone by.

As a Kalgaran-on living in the U.S., the demolition has erased a part of my memory - while I was growing up with my grandparents and parents in Carigara - a memory that would have been a reason to keep me coming back to my hometown as I get older and starting to look back and reminisce the life that my grandparents and parents had. And most of all to revisit my life - my childhood living in my hometown.

Re: Merkado Demolition

change is good and progress is for the future. i'm sure the reason why you moved to the US is because of the fact that you lost hope for carigara. so please let carigara move forward. let's not live in the past, kawawa naman yung iba jan na hindi makakarating sa naratingan mo na. ok lang yan kung may pag babago ang carigara, they too deserve some kind of change. change for the better. mabuhay an carigara!

Re: Merkado Demolition

Can someone take pictures of the new mercado? Has it improved the lives of the Carigaranos? Is it true that the materials from the old mercado was loaded in trucks and brought somewhere?

Re: Merkado Demolition

I totally agree with you.Erasing the past landmark is pathetic,ridiculous and disgusting!They could have improvised the existing one and bring down the cost to say 10 million big ones,talking about killing two birds w/ un bato,me happy,tu happy and everybody happy.Right now I am sick to my stomach just trying to comprehend the f**k is going on and kon umuli ako maybe I can pyuk on their "sweet little faces" so help me God!