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In this forum you can inquire about a friend or a long lost relative. You can also post announcements or any topic of your choice but related to our town. Keep it informative, interactive, useful and fun.

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Carigara My Hometown Forum
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just thinking out loud....

Hi everyone!...Maybe what we need to do at the moment is to focus on what we can do with the current issues on hand and forget about blaming people with their wrong choice of town officials & what they did in the past because corruption is a long time dilemma that the whole world is facing. The primary goal of these people running the race is to gain power and to enjoy people's money(ambot kay-ano nga d ini hira pinanbubur-sot or pinan-gagabaan hehehe) Seldom can we find somebody whose top priority is to serve their countrymen wholeheartedly & with utmost sincerity. Let's accept the fact that politics will never ever be "clean".

Instead of giving tons and tons of negative feedbacks, finding ways to help our fellow Kalgaran-ons to continue living with hope that on the other side of the horizon lies a better future will be a good idea, right? So, ano an aton pwede himuon to help them out? Any bright and practical suggestions folks?

Re: just thinking out loud....

ask not what Carigara can do for the mayor, but what the mayor can do for Carigara.