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Carigara My Hometown Forum

In this forum you can inquire about a friend or a long lost relative. You can also post announcements or any topic of your choice but related to our town. Keep it informative, interactive, useful and fun.

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Carigara My Hometown Forum
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t-shirt sponsor to support new carigara

good day to all, carigaranos!

we are looking for a person who have a good heart to support our "mission", to support new face of carigara. we want a new person who can make our hometown a better one.
thru, this site anyone who can sponsor a minimum of 400 - 500 t-shirt (para ipamigay sa mga tao) with a print, that will make carigara realized, ganito na pala tayo ngayon. (details of the printing will be discuss and the visision of it). i can be contacted thru this e-mail:

thank you.