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In this forum you can inquire about a friend or a long lost relative. You can also post announcements or any topic of your choice but related to our town. Keep it informative, interactive, useful and fun.

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Carigara My Hometown Forum
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top ten reasons

ano kaya if the world is perfect and for that here the top ten reasons why the annual HCA alumni homecoming could be moved to the month of July: #10 so I don't have to get hungry on Good Friday. #9 Easter Sunday is time for dress up (in the U.S.)those nice easter outfits and the famous easter egg hunting(love those bonay decolores) but just take beano before or after. #8 Don't have to watch Pinoys get crucified(for real) during way of the cross after all Master Jessie already paid it in full. #7 July is summer vacation here in U.S. and the kids waray eskwela, could go with Ma & Pa to beautiful Carigara to meet lola/lolo & relatives, time for bonding labi nagud kon patron. #6 Two for the price of one; alumni + fiesta "have a blast". #5 A 13 hour flight long flight from USA to DZR airport is piece of cake.What jetlag? #4 Waiting a week for the town fiesta is better than waiting a week for departure date. #3 The 900 bucks round trip ticket is way worth it working hard for the money. #2 Don't have to drive for hours here in the USA making believe we are really attending the real macoy in places like Chicago,NY,NJ,TX,VA,SF,LA & Sanfran.Bahal nga tuba dadadadadadadada. Drink first and then drive but don't you dare drink & drive. #1 Employer only gave me 2 to 3 weeks paid vacation, make the most of it!