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To Make Carigara "Great" Again

The "glory" of our town is no more; such that the majority of the townspeople are clamoring for change. Accepting the challenge of becoming agents of change is a group of concerned Kalgaran-ons who have come together with a common cause to hopefully change the present administration come Elections 2010. Their pockets are not full of gold, but the hearts are full of the "real and sincere gugma" for our hometown.

It was just fitting that the Coalition Team for Change started day 1 of their journey in this political struggle with the celebration of the Eucharist, attended by members of their families. Each candidate shared a prayer of intercession, giving voice to the urgent needs of our community. Then, in a touching and symbolic ceremony, they put to flame all their concerns, aspirations and issues they want to courageously address. Drawing strength from this first step of giving thanks to the Lord of justice, peace and love, they filed their individual certificate of candidacy without fan fare.

We appeal to all concerned Kalgaran-ons to join in this crusade for change. Let our voices be heard through our actions!

"The rich and powerful take what they want. Let us be the "good guys" to provide leverage to the so called 'weak and oppressed' in our community."

Re: To Make Carigara "Great" Again

A lot of you have been wanting to be heard and clamour for change, here is your chance to express your candid opinion. Spread the word, now it's your turn to be counted.

Re: To Make Carigara "Great" Again

The meditation from the "the word among us" for today concides with the plead of the Coalition Team for Change...

...."Today's passage from Isaiah, for example, sings of the triumph of the poor. While we see here the promise of justice in ancient Israel, we can also see Jesus vindicating such a faith filled people in the new heavens and the new earth.
Isaiah depicts a "lofty city" that will be brought so low that the needy will trample it underfoot. It's not that the poor will bring down this city through a rebellious uprising. No, somehow justice will be meted out on Jerusalem's corrupted power brokers without the poor having to resort to violence or injustice themselves. They will "trample" the lofty city not out of spite or vindication but simply because they are still walking forward in the will of GOd while their oppressors have fallen.
Most of us are in position of both wealth and poverty. There are always those who have more than us as well as those who have less. Today's passage challenges us to be sure that where we are "wealthy" -whether it be materially, intellectually, or socially - we never lord it over anyone else. After all, our furtunes can change in an instant. And where we are "poor", we should be on guard against envy or resentment of those who have more.
That's what we should not do. But what should we do?......First and foremost, stay on the path God has laid out for you. Keep moving forward, and let the Lord - your just judge - sort out the self-sufficient from the needy, both around you and within your own heart.
You may find yourself walking over some ruins, but don't let that become an occasion for boasting. Rather, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, pray for the unjust, and keep walking humbly with your God.
As you do, you will be building the city of GOD here on earth, inviting the just and the unjust to join you."
As a Kalgaran-on, damo hin duro nga salamat han iyo gugma han bungto, ug han iyo pagka-urusa, to show and prove to the peole of Carigara that there is a chance for a CHANGE!!!!!
Carigara.....aton bungto, mahalon naton.
Mabuhay kamo!!! Mabuhay an Carigara!!

Re: To Make Carigara "Great" Again

To view the Candidates for change, link here Coalition For Change
Their Bios will be published soon.

Re: To Make Carigara "Great" Again

The opposition candidate in this coming election is very weak.As carigaran-on we know what's going to happened, but with the automated election we just hope that the money they spend for vote buying, will not transfer into a vote itself, unlike before it will be harder now to track your vote.Who you voted for i guess.I am an overseas absentee voter. I can not vote locally.I hope people vote wisely.Either way Id rather boycott. I don't see anything in the opposition that would convince me to support them.

Re: To Make Carigara "Great" Again

fellow carigaran-on...lets vote wisely...go for the opposition...go for ERWIN RIEL DARANTINAO for municipal councilor

Re: To Make Carigara "Great" Again

thank you for realizing the true happenening in our town but please be reminded that this is happening all throughout the Philippines too. Yes, the opposition is weak that's is why they need help from every Carigaran-on all over the world. If only one twig will fight against the mosquitoes it will lose but if we tie all the twigs together we could topple down and even kill this insects who are pestering Carigara...let us all stand up as one...Prayer for enlightenment of the Carigara electorate is one way of helping the opposition....Be a Kalgaran-on now...not later...YOU are needed NOW..