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Carigara My Hometown Forum

In this forum you can inquire about a friend or a long lost relative. You can also post announcements or any topic of your choice but related to our town. Keep it informative, interactive, useful and fun.

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Carigara My Hometown Forum
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sad to know about carigara,.but it's our fault.I live there for 10 years ,in my early aged I also noticed about the corruptions.People in carigara accept money for their vote,.I observe it since i was there.But i understand them,because i know, even they did not accept it they know already, who will be their leader after the elections.
They need a new leader those WHO are not greedy,corrupt,and doesn't used power for their protection,.poor cariganos.. .....they cannot suppress the power of apostles...

give them a justice.........

if u can see the carigara town there's no improvement...