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CB Radio Equipment Radios, Linears/Amps/Antennas Plus 2 Power Supplies

1. Galaxy 959 40 Channel With Upper And Lower Channels. Has The ERF-2030 High Power Finals. The radio has talk-back, rogers beep, variable power, Low Dead-Key 1 watt Pep 40 to 45 watts, High Dead-Key 6 watts Pep 45 to 50 watts. Looks Good

2. Galaxy 33 240 Channels, Echo, Talkback, The High Power Finals Installed Does Around 45 Watts With 3 Power Settings. Looks Good

3. Cobra 29 With Echo, Talkback, RFX-75 Linear/Amp Install. Does Around 125 Watts. Does Not Look The Greatest But A Very Loud Great Talking Radio. Looks So So.

4. Cobra 2000 GTL AM/USB/LSB Base CB Radio, Peaked And Tuned, Extra Channels, Hand Held Power Mic. No Speakers But I Do Have An External Speaker With It. Looks Good.

5. Boomer Tube Type Base Linear/Amp With AM/SSB Does Around 250 to 275 Watts. Looks And Works Good

6. Palomar 250 Mobile Linear/Amp With Low/Med/Hi Settings With Pre-Amp And Auto SSB Mode, Everything Looks And Works Good.

7. Crusader 2 Pill Solid-State All Transistor Type 2 Pill Base Amp. Has Low And High Power Setting And Pre-Amp. The Pre-Amp Works When It Wants To. I Can Move Around The Switch And Sometimes It Works. It May Need Cleaned Or Replaced. The Amp Does Around 225 to 275 Watts. Looks Pretty Good.

8. CAE APS-90 90 Continuous Amp Power Supply. You Can Use It To Run All Your 12 to 14 Volt Equipment In Your Home. Also Other Uses Like Charging Your Battery, Use It For Your RV And So On. Has Dual Cooling Fan Which Hardly Ever Comes On. Looks And Works Great.

9. Astron 20 Amp Power Supply Looks And Works Good. 20 Continuous Amps. Look Decent, Works Great.

10. Ground Plane Alum Metal Base CB Antenna In Good Working Condition.

11. 2 Magnet Mount Antennas, I Have A K-30 And A K-40 Both Works Good.

12. Vintage Bandit II Tube Type Mobile Linear/Amp With Pre-Amp Works And Looks Good.

Will Sale Each, Some Or All For Best Offer Or May Take Part Cash And Part Trade.

If Interested And For More Pics Send Me An Email