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BP Aden Kids
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Aden Kids

Hello, my name is Abeer my family is originally from Aden, my dad and mom always remember the British days (occupation) in Aden, they have very found memories and often look back now and wonder if the Aden natives made a mistake about the British occupation. Now, I am an adult and formed my own opinion, looking at Aden now, I wish the British was still there, however, understanding the intention of the Imperialistic movement I am glad the British is gone. I suppose that one day Aden natives will regain power again and bring Aden back to its nature beauty. Long Live Aden and Aden Natives!!!!

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Re: Aden Kids

You certainly would not want the current generation Brits running any country. The good old days of the Britsh Empire are long gone. Thankfully.