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who turned the lights off in Little Aden


After having yet another read through this site, it did make me wonder which one of us lived the longest in Little Aden?

I am always a little surprised that some folks were there until perhaps the late 70's. Which one of us was the last one there?

Of course, who was there first as well?

Cathy xx

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Re: who turned the lights off in Little Aden

Hi Cathy

I believe the last BP person left in February 1983. Degwell Morgan writes about this in his account of life in Aden /BP etc in the My Stories section. I left in 1970. Hopefully "Inshallah" I may get to go back again this year.


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Re: who turned the lights off in Little Aden

i think i may have been one of the first as my mother told me i was the first girl to be born at the little aden hospital. nov 54

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