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I hope the reunion went well and look forward to any news and photos.I Couldnt make it unfortunately; Self employed and waiting for clients to pay me, and they reckn that its going to get a lot worse, so bad in fact that they wont publish the figures. If you were to relocate to a country which had better prospects - which one would it be ?

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Re: REUNION 2009

Hi Gordon
Sorry you missed the reunion. I had a name badge and a place setting all ready for you. Have you considered Aden as a place to set up a business? The place is wide open for tourism. Get in at the bottom you could make a fortune.

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Re: REUNION 2009

Hi Gordon,

I think you should become a Weightwatchers (or any other diet class) person.

I joined last night. Lots of people came in, paid a fiver, jumped on the scales, were told their weight and left.

It seems the person gets a lot of money, with mimumum effort. Of course, some of us stayed for the class, but even at that lots and lots of people seem to go.

I always thought this would be a good way of making money.

I too missed the Reunion, but hope to go sometime in the future.

Good luck.


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Re: REUNION 2009

its still abit dodgyout there for me, If i wanted to dodge kidnappers i would take that job i was offered in Iraq installing telecomms equipment at £5000 a month (you have to provide your own weapons and I cant afford an Apache just yet - maybe you could sponsor me ???) ha ha

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Re: REUNION 2009

I do not have an Apache what about a 2 place gyro. Only need 50 feet to take off and land. You will find the locals very welcoming in Aden so much so I am going to make another visit.