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The Al Samama boat

Does any one remember the Al Samama boat owned by BP Aden? I had the opportunity to ride on this with a party of BP kids. I wonder if it is still in use.

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Re: The Al Samama boat

I was told that the boat was badly damaged when being moved out of the water and never repaired.

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Re: The Al Samama boat

I remember it well - I too remember a number of boat trips as a kid (late 60's - early 70's).
I dont have any pics but it was often used for boat trips when we went up the coast for beach parties etc

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Re: The Al Samama boat

Was on it many times in the late sixties/early seventies. I especially remember trips to the Blue Grotto --- and diving off it. We were told not to worry about sharks, but there always seemed to be a seaman hanging around with a large dagger!! Happy days.

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