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Jane Waller

Hi Jane,

I don't think you will know me but I spent a few school holidays in Little Aden between 1957 and 1962. My parents, May and George Smith, were also friendly with Jim and Betty Adair. Catriona and Roddy Macdonald, Alec and Jean Haywood, Maunda and Dick Wooley are some of the other names I remember off the top of my head. Regrettably I only found this site after my mother died as she had a wonderful memory and would have been able to put names to lots of the photographs.

I was at boarding school with Moira Trantor (her father was the GM), Rosalind Wood and Caroline Stockdale. My contemporaries in Aden were Adrian Bomford, whose photograph I spotted at the 2006 re-union, Colin Hill, Fran and Dot Waldie, and Jennifer Ritchie. Those are all the names I can recall as, unfortunately, I have inherited my father's less- than-perfect memory.

I have a few photographs from Aden days but have yet to acquire a scanner so cannot share them. Reading through other people's reminiscenses brings back lots of memories and if anyone of my vintage remembers me I would be delighted to hear from them.

Kindest regards


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Re: Jane Waller

Hello Nancy,
I am orginally from Aden, i was born in 1974 in Aden,there was grew and studied primary Secondary and Unversity. I used to go to Goldmore, Ellephant beach. My father was a soldier in the Royal Military at that time. He used to tell me some stories about that time.
I wunder if can get some information about your life in Aden at that time.
best regards

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Re: Jane Waller

Hi Nancy
Nice to hear from you......I am one of the next generation of teenager who followed on from yourself, Colin, and Adrian Bomford, but alas the 'end of empire' did for nearly all of us. However you must remember Francis (Fanny) Edwards as she was part of your holiday crowd, a lovely girl, mind you I am biased as I was absolutely besotted by her at the tender age of twelve, there are others of course, but like you, our memories are selective for one reason or another.
Adrian and his brother Jonty remain friends to this day and are testiment to just what an impact on our lives was the experience of the 'Little Aden' days.
Keep watching as you never know who will suddenly pop
up out of the blue!!!
Roddy Wade
PS my dad was Capt Sid Wade of the BP Guard,one of the deep sea fire/salvage tugs that berthed oil tankers at the oil harbour......

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Re: Jane Waller

Hi Roddy,

I do remember Fanny Edwards and can quite see why you had a crush on her! She was a most attractive girl and very good fun. Dot Waldies sister was called Babs - not Fran as I wrote in my note to Jane -
and they were also amazing characters. I remember some very good parties at their house. It would be nice if some of these people come across the site, as I did, quite by accident. Not long before my father died I happened to read one of his BP magazines and it was the one reporting on the re-union at Jonty Bomfords house. Now I'm hooked!


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Re: Jane Waller

Hi Nancy,

If you read this, just to let you know we have moved address, in case you have the old one. Hope your family are all doing well.


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