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Observation Hill Bandar Sheikh

Hi, I am going back to Aden next May. Looking at site I see a picture of Observation HIll. Can anyone tell me how to get to it, please?

The climb, at nearly 66 would be a challenge. Shamsan completely out of the question now, although I wish I had a dollar for the number of times I climbed in the 60s. Plan to go up to old turkish fort on Sirah Island though.

Last time in Aden, 10 years ago, I tried to find Union KHormaksar Golf Club. No luck. And the Little Aden Golf club. Nearly died trudging around in the heat with no luck.

Looking through things just found a letter from Little Aden Golf Club, dated September 1993. P.O. Box 3003 Aden. So will check out that box no. The writer was C. Amudhan Hon Secretary. Somehow on my two subsequent visits, I never found him. His last sentence in his letter had a quaint touch..."We hope to see you soon and we appreciate your nice letter which leads us down the memory lane..... Memories...

Don Mackenzie

Email: don@snap.net.nz

Re: Observation Hill Bandar Sheikh

Hi Don

To get to Observation Hill, go through Little Aden to the beach, turn right, go past the refinery at the first junction turn left. Go past the hospital and you will find the hill. There is a chair lift running from Shark Island to the top of the hill. Beats climbing 750 steps. To find the Little Aden Golf club. Come over the bridge into Little Aden, over the roundabout, turn left by the petrol station. Go through the housing estate and you will find the clubhouse. The place is locked up, I am not sure if and when it is used. If you go on Thursday or a Friday there may be someone using the course I believe the Khormaksar golf club is now a housing area. Are you staying at ther hotel in Crater?
Have a great trip.


Jonathan W

Email: n606jp@comcast.net

Re: Observation Hill Bandar Sheikh

I think I replied direct to Jonathon. But, yes I am staying at The Al Amer hotel in Crater. A great place to stay. Non of your posh places for me. Though it does have air conditioning.

US$25 per night. And used extensively by Aden/Yemeni locals and a good meeting place in the foyer with plenty of TEA. Shay.

Email: don@snap.net.nz