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Aden Weather and seasons.

Hi, I am planning to go back end of May. Last times I have been back were in July, and it was HOT.

Can anyone remember if it will still be Spring when I go, before the REAL heat sets in.

Many thanks.

Email: don@snap.net.nz

Re: Aden Weather and seasons.

Hi Don
As Aden is in the northern hemisphere it will be for all intense and purposes 'Spring'. However tempreture
fluctuations between the seasons is minimal in the area so whenever you go it is going to be bloody hot, lets face it you aint visiting the Algarve!!! I can remember feeling chilly at home and taking Paddy the dog for a walk just to warm up and conversely putting on a Serge blue battledress jacket to keep warm on guard at night and the tempreture was around 75 degrees!! Big difference to the daytime heat on the pans....best
bet is get a good airconditioned hotel room that you can escape to.........great climate I loved it!!!
Roddy Wade

Email: rodwade@chelseachop.fsnet.co.uk

Re: Aden Weather and seasons.

Thanks Roddy. I often tell people when they complain about the heat that.... It would be a cold winters day in Aden...

I too remember being Bloody frozen on night guard duty.

My billet was on Chapel hill. We slept on the balcony to get any breeze. Summer no sheet on top. Winter one sheet.

Hotel in Crater.. The Al Amer has airconditioning which is good.

So, it will be Spring and mornings evenings should be a wee bit cooler. But I probably will still sweat buckets.

Last time I was there, 10 years ago, I weighed myself in the Crescent, and enterprising Chico with a mobile machine, 78 Kilos, so will be interesting if he is still there.

Cheers.. Don

Email: don@snap.net.nz

Re: Aden Weather and seasons.

Hi Don. I visited in April, September and January and it was still hot! I would not leaave it any later than May as you will be into the hot season. We always had problems with the air conditioning controls in our house, so the temperatures were always in the low 70's. My mother had a little electric fire she plugged in to keep her feet warm.
Looking out the window of my Chicago office at the 3 inches of snow on the ground a trip to Aden seems very appealing. "Don" go and visit the Crescent Police station, they serve coffee to the visiting Brits. The Superintendent was trained at Hendon.
Try this link to a Steamer Point map. It shows Chapel Hill in great detail. You can probabaly find your old billet. http://www.bpadenkids.com/hdmaps.htm Regards

Jonathan W

Email: n606jp@comcast.net

Re: Aden Weather and seasons.

Thanks Jonathan.... Made a point of NOT visiting Crescent Police Station last time. As Ihad so much trouble with Army and Police I thought I would not tempt fate.

The time before I did visit and had a look at the cells. They seemed to think it odd.

But, on your advice I will do so and look up the Hendon guy. Marina Hotel was next door. Great place, pit it has gone.

cheers.. Don

Email: don@snap.net.nz

Re: Aden Weather and seasons.

Am thinking about going over Easter. Can you give any advice about booking flights, hotels etc. It would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully David will be able to go too. Are there any group trips planned.



Email: kate@bagend.org.uk

Re: Aden Weather and seasons.

Hi Kate

E-mail me off the web site and I will give you some details of hotels, flights, rental cars etc. I also have some preliminary details of a trip planned for 2010.


Jonathan W

Email: n606jp@comcast.net, roffensian@comcast.net

Re: Aden Weather and seasons.

Hi, Kate... Dont know where you are travelling from. I am travelling from New Zealand, and I will go this time, to Dubai on Emirates, then on to Aden with Yemeni Airlines. As far as I can calculate the return fare from Dubai is costing about $800 N.Z. Roughly 300 Pounds U.K. The flight takes about 3 hours.

There are "Posh" hotels in Aden at fancy prices. But... if one stays in The Hilton it is the same in London or Paris. In other words you might as well have stayed at home.

I stay at The Al Amer in Crater. Cost US$25 per night. It has a lift now, and Air Conditioning in the rooms. It is used by Arab business men, and important tribal chiefs. I have seen a Sheikh accompanied by two guys with AK 47s sleeping in the corridor outside his room. And all these guys are so friendly. Sit in the foyer and drink Tea and everyone will talk to you. So you can feast on local culture and learn more about the language. That would not happen in Hiltons and Sheratons.

I believe the Seamans Mission, is it still called that, does good basic accommodation too, and is way up market from the 1960s. I think it might be Seamans Club now.

No doubt Johathan will be able to give you better info. And I am sure you will make the most of it. cheers.. Don

Email: don@snap.net.nz