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Snakes, Malaria, Rabies.

I am just reading a 2007 Bradt guide to Yemen.

In it they mention a couple of types of poisonous snakes, and the necessity to be vaccinated for Malaria and Rabies.

Well, despite travelling extensively in the mountains around Aden I never ever saw a snake.

British Forces, had heaps on injections, possibly malaria included, but I have never considered one on any subsequent visit.

Rabies. No doubt the ferral cats which are abundant, and the Piard Dogs carry it. But I doubt one would be in danger of being bitten by 0ne unless they provoked.

Any feedback please?

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Re: Snakes, Malaria, Rabies.

Hi Don,
Happy New Year to you !
I can only remember seeing one snake in the 10 years I lived in Aden. That ended up in a specimen jar for the school's biology class. On my first trip to Aden in 2006 I was advised by the local travel doctor to be vacinnated against typhoid and yellow fever. He also gave me anti malaria tablets and cipro. I took the malaria tablets. Talking to the locals there has not been any outbreaks of malaria in the Aden for years. On the other trips I didn't bother with any medications with the exception of some sticking plasters and Savlon. Good fun eh.


Jonathan W

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Re: Snakes, Malaria, Rabies.

Hi, Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks Jonathan. I think sometimes a little bit of hysteria takes over. But, maybe being over prepared is better than not.

My preventatives will probably be Sunscreen and Immodium.

cheers.. Don

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Re: Snakes, Malaria, Rabies.

Happy New Year!
I would strongly advise Typhoid vaccination as I do remember outbreaks of this when I lived in Aden. These outbreaks were mainly in schools in Big Aden but one time The Rex Italian restaurant in the crescent was closed for Typhoid & my family & I had eaten in there the day before. Typhoid does tend to be waterborne
& people can be carriers so if this is the only vaccination you have it would be well worth it.
As for snakes I was nearly bitten on 2 occasions in our garden in Ghadir. The Yemeni scorpions can give a fatal sting too, no need for hysteria just be vigilant

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Re: Snakes, Malaria, Rabies.

I don't remember having an anti malarial injection prior to being sent out to Aden. I'm not sure that one was available.
In Borneo, a few years earlier, we had to take a vile tasting little yellow pill called Paludrine every morning. This wasn't part of the routine in Aden, though, so maybe the risk wasn't that high.
Snakes? Quite a few up country (Al Habilayn/Radfan) but they mostly left us alone unless we antagonized them.

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