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Mementos from Aden

I was wondering if anyone had anything left from their time in Aden apart from photos.

When we came home in 1965 our complete flat in Steamer Point was packed up and returned to the UK. Sadly the fridge did not survive as the packing case in which it was loaded was too big for the lift so they roled it down the stairs. The radiogram is long gone as well but I still have the curtains, some saucepans, a bath mat and a good carpet.

Things were made to last in those days, does anyone else have things squireled away?

Love to everyone

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Re: Mementos from Aden

Hi Linda,

Between us (siblings) we are lucky enough to have a few items. As well as a number of shells of various shapes and sizes, including the ubiquitous cowries and other small knick knacks, Mum and Dad took great care to preserve the rather special gifts that were given to them during their time in Aden. We still have an original hand woven rug that has spent the years on the floors of various houses and is still in remarkably good condition and until recently we had a camel saddle which sadly didn't really survive an attempted "restoration" some years ago, however the real piece de resistance is a large ornately and beautifully carved teak chest, still in almost pristine condition, that hopefully will become a well preserved family heirloom in future.


Re: Mementos from Aden

Apart from the various shells and small items there is the large, intricately carved camphorwood chest and much to my surprise a Hoover floor polisher that still works.

Regards to all,
John Andrew (Ex N5 and Devonshire Street)

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Re: Mementos from Aden

Mementos of Aden we still have – wow, where to start?

My Sanyo ‘ all transistor’ FM radio that continues to provide flawless access to Radio 4 in my home office and a Philips one in my workshop, a superbly carved wood figure of a Chinese fisherman (about 18” tall), my wife’s Elna sewing machine that continues to work wonders, a Frog 150 model aero engine and X-acto set of modelling tools and Balsa plane purchased at Bhicajee Cowasjee’s shop in Steamer Point, Braun 35mm camera, Yashica camera, Canon 8mm cine camera, slide and cine projectors and 8mm editor, set of Japanese dolls that fit inside each other, my wife’s Wade full set of china “Lady and the Tramp” figurines, tools purchased in Crater, 360 day “Anniversary Clock”, my Rolex wrist watch, a clockwork Model ‘T’ Ford by Schuco to entertain my son and our large collection of reel-to-reel pre-recorded tapes purchased from the ‘Melody Corner’ in Steamer Point which are still played each Christmas!

Strangest of all, a Chinese stone ware cigarette holder containing a chickens egg that I had pierced and ‘blown’ to remove the contents then painted to look like a face which I gave to my wife for a gift on our first Easter together as a married couple spent in Aden, 1962! Yes, it is still intact having travelled around the world more times than I care to remember.

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Re: Mementos from Aden

Just found this site. Was in Aden in RAF 53 to 55 and still have several items.
Always sending gifts home and still have musical powder box and half a bottle of Channel No 5 sent to my mother.
Also my camera Zeiss Ikon which still in perfect order.

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Re: Mementos from Aden

Just come across a stack of "APR-APRL" coat hangers and an old "BOAC" carry on bag.

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Re: Mementos from Aden

I still have my Seiko Divers watch. Given to me on my 10th birthday by my parents. I still wear it. The lapse time bezel is stuck and I had to add two extra segments to the wrist band.

Re: Mementos from Aden

I, too, had a Seiko diver's watch, bought in Crescent on a visit to Aden by HMS Bulwark with 42 Commando RM in 1961. I think I paid 20 Dinars for it ( I was probably seen off!) and it served me well for 25 years until the automatic winder gave up the ghost. A local jeweller sent it off to Seiko for me and the reply from them was that they no longer stocked the parts for that model, but that I could choose another similar Seiko watch from any jeweller that stocked them. I still have the replacement watch and am wearing it as I write this.
I have a few other bits and pieces from 66/67 - mostly military stuff.

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Re: Mementos from Aden

I still have dolls that I collected as child 1955 to 1965. The best one is a small japanese doll with 6 wigs i also have a siamese silver braclet that i gave to my mother. Not much else has survived as I have moved around so much.

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Re: Mementos from Aden

Geoff: I was in Little Aden 1953-54 as the son of a Bechtel employee. My dad was David McNabb and served as a piping asst. superintendent. I recall that right after Ramadan 1953, I believe there was a jobsite-wide riot of arab an somali employees that was very severe. I recall that three soma;is were killed and the entire site was shut down for three days. I also recall that the RAF provided some security assistance. I was just wondering if you were so assigned and recall that event. I was only 9 or 10, but recall it vividly. Ned McNabb.

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Re: Mementos from Aden

i have a really heavy saucepan. mum still uses a striped towel as shower mat. We have 2 camphorwood chests, one in my home and one in mum's, a Noritake complete dinner service that i'm pretty sure came from Aden. I'm certain there are quite a few more items. Many photos in mum's loft in slide form, wish i could get up there!

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