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Argosy XP413 105 Squadron

Roddy and I discussed briefly the ditching of this plane on 23rd March 1964 in a prior posting.

I was convinced in my mind that when I saw it on my way to Little Aden to work on a tanker there that it had its feet in the water between the causeway and the end of Khormaksar airfield.

Recently there has been much discussion on Facebook as to whether or not it was in that position or perhaps on the harbour side of the causeway. Try as I might I cannot locate any further information on the exact location.

Is there perhaps any reader out there that can shed light on the above puzzle? "Help, I need someone, won't you please help me?"

Email: mail@onstuis.co.uk

Re: Argosy XP413 105 Squadron

I can remember seeing pictures of the Argosy in the mud between the end of the runway and the causeway. I read an account I believe on one of the RAF web pages which gave details of the event.

David did you hear about the DXpedition to Socotra Island . 9 operators were working for over 2 weeks last month. I could hear them but never worked them, too many pile ups!! 73 W6DIQ, G6DIQ

Email: n606jp@comcast.net

Re: Argosy XP413 105 Squadron

Sadly Jonathan the reports don't specify just where it took a paddle, they just generalise by saying in the harbour which doesn't pin point which side of the causeway.

I heard about the DXpedition but am very inactive these days so did't hear or try working them. When I operated from Aden the pile ups were generated by those wishing to work me so a nice position to be in, similarly when I operated from ZS land although not to the same extent!


Email: mail@onstuis.co.uk

Re: Argosy XP413 105 Squadron

Problem solved. Recent photos posted on Facebook indicate that the plane went down in the stretch of water between the rubble mound connecting the oil tanks in the mud flats area to the coal wharf and the causeway, so actually on the harbour side opposite the end of the Khormaksar Airfield. Sadly my memory of the sight had it misplaced.

Email: mail@onstuis.co.uk

Re: Argosy XP413 105 Squadron

Hi David, I was an air traffic control officer at RAF Khormaksar 1963-65. I was on duty in the visual control room when said aircraft ditched in the harbour. It was definately on the harbour side of the causeway and ironically within an area depicted on some maps/charts as the "seaplane alighting area"! The aircraft was recovered and I have a photograph of it back on land shared by the RAF Marine Craft Unit base and the Khormaksar Sailing Club. XP 413 was repaired and later re-entered service operating from RAF Cottesmore, Rutland with, I think, 205 Sqn. BRgds, Jerry

Email: jerry.wilmot@btopenworld.com

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