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Robert Kiltie Gray 1 PARA

Robert Kiltie Gray
Private 23887222
1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment
Killed when dissident Arab Tribesmen fired on him in the Radfan area 60 miles north of Aden
Date of event: 22nd August 1965 Silent Valley Aden.

Looking for his final resting place/grave/ headstone' if anyone has come across it i would be most interested to hear from you.Thank you.

Kind regards,


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Re: Robert Kiltie Gray 1 PARA

Dear friend: David
Good morning

Mr. Jonathan has told us about the tomb of Robert that you are looking for in South Yemen
I went to silent Valley cemetery and I am bringing my hand where all the information paper that I mentioned about Robert
And I spent half the day looking in grave stones but unfortunately I did not find the grave of Robert

For this I hope to accept my regret because I did not find what you are looking for.
I promise I'll go to the cemetery in the town of Al Mualla and will look there
I feel I'll find a grave

I hope that God will help us to complete the task and to enter the comfort and assurance to your hearts


Yasser Alwan

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Re: Robert Kiltie Gray 1 PARA

Robert Kiltie Gray was first buried in Aden, but later his remains were flown to the UK and he was buried again in Scotland.
It was very kind of you to look for his grave.
I think all soldiers wonder what Silent Valley is like now.
Is it well looked after?

السلام عليكم


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