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Little Aden

Just found this site. I was born at the BP hospital in August 1956. We stayed until some time in 1959. People always ask me where it is too. My birth certificate is flimsy too. Ihave two copies. Athough my late mum aways told me about 4 or 5 copies were made. I have never had problems with passports. My son did not have problems either despite that neither me or my husband were born in the uk. HE is also in the armed forces. I have photo.s of Aden although don.t know anybody in them, as I was too young when we left. All my god parents worked for BP too.

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Re: Little Aden

Hi Megan
Welcome to our site.....the best on the net! Jonathan Wilkins will be interested in your photos if you want to send them to him and indeed we all would, as any of the old country are always eagerly anticipated. Once again nice to hear from you.....keep in touch

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Re: Little Aden

Hi Megan
Thanks for the message. Apologies for taking so long to reply to you. Your family were the pioneering ones in the 1950's. I arrived in 1961 when all the hard work had been done. I will be delighted to upload your pictures to the web site. I am sure there are a number of people who look at this site who will be able to recognise faces fron the photo's. If you wish to contact me off the forum my e-mail is attached.
Best wishes

Jonathan Wilkins

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