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Are there any plans for another reunion in the near future? I'm lucky enough to be in the UK from August for at least 12 months and would love the chance to connect with the group in a more tangible manner. Just saying.

Email: steve@terrapania.com

Re: Reunion?

There are a group of us getting together either later this year or early in the New Year. As yet no venue has been fixed. Let me know where in the UK you will be staying.
Regards Jonathan W

Re: Reunion?

Hi Jonathan,

I've got a flat in Chester for at least 6 months, but I'm not particularly limited in my travels

Email: steve@terrapania.com

Re: Reunion?

Hi Jonathan

If you do decide on a time and place for another reunion would you mind keeping us informed about it? Thanks.


Email: pmillar@qmu.ac.uk

Re: Reunion?

Hi Pam, When I get some more details I will let you know.

Best wishes

Jonathan W

Re: Reunion?

Hi Jonathan, I'm up for a Reunion as well.If it could possibly be somewhere easily reached by train, that would be better.

Email: cathy

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