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Web Site Bandwidth

Some recent visitors to the site have been downloading large chunks of content. This has caused excessive bandwidth use and has caused the site to be suspended. If you want the content for your own personal use let me know at the email address shown and I will send you the files via email or FTP.
Thank you

Email: N606jp@gmail.com

Re: Web Site Bandwidth

Hi there,
I have just tried to visit the bpadenkids.com but I was asked for user name and password. Last time visited this site was couple months ago and this didn't happened. Is this matter due to the Bandwidth issue or you guys decided to make it private?

Email: alsalahi1971@gmail.com

Re: Web Site Bandwidth

Thanks for the enquiry. I have suspended the site as some clown with an IP address in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia has been actively trying to download all the site and it's contents. When this stops I may reinstate the site. I could pay the extra and take out some additional bandwidth to satisfy the person from Riyadh but I will not as I run this site as a service to my friends from Aden and Little Aden and do not intend to incur any further costs.

Email: N606jp@comcast.net

Re: Web Site Bandwidth

Hopefully I have been able to save the site from crashing . i have now blocked all IP addresses from Saudi Arabia . if any persons resident there, want to download some pictures or files please contact me at the address shown above and I send you a download.

Email: n606jp@gmail.com

Re: Web Site Bandwidth

Sorry to read of your troubles Jonathan, next you know the BP site will appear on a youtube video!