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Welcome to the BP Kids Message Board. If your looking for somebody or you want to write about life in Aden please feel free to use this board. 


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BP Aden Kids
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Hi Jonathan
Still doing a great job my friend, however I feel that the site is moving away from its primary goal - that of the BP Little Aden community! My post is not intended to offend anyone but to cajole 'the kids' to get involved again in what is our website. I know we are all getting older, but I urge everyone to contribute, be it small, trivial, or an obscure memory recently
revived! We are after all a historically unique community and should not be allowed to disappear into the mists of time!
With the best of intentions

Email: wade@sky.com

Re: Website

Hi,BP Aden kids must have a Huge Wealth of memories and information to share and it would be good for everyone if they got more involved and shared in these.

However, as a ex Aden serviceman, non Aden kid, I am very grateful to be able to access this site, and do the odd post. A link to the past.

Whilst living in Aden I only visited Little Aden twice. BP Golf club. Last time I was in Aden my friend Marcel drove me all round Little Aden and I did not recognise anything.

But, Roddy, I see that posts get a lot of visits, unfortunately not too much response.

So, endorsing your sentiments, come on guys, get involved.

Don Mackenzie

Email: don@snap.net.nz