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Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?

It bugs me that I am not going this year. Have not heard anything about the situation and my friend in Aden does not answer his emails.

Anyone know what is going on and what things might look like for a visit next year????

Thanks... Don

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Re: Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?


The above link provides a pretty clear picture of what is going on out there.
The UK Foreign Office has for many years advised against visiting Yemen.
Still, if you have good insurance cover, a high quality ballistic vest (though the well trained terrorist prefers a head shot) and a well motivated close protection squad, maybe you should go for it!

Seriously, though, I think it would be advisable to give it a miss.

The link doesn't work, so take a look at www.criticalthreats.org/...aden.../gulf-aden-security-review-april-7-2014‎

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Re: Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?

Thanks Vic. confirmed my suspicions, what a bugger!!!!! Guess I will have to get out my videos and retrace my steps. I really miss the old place. We never hear any news here in NZ. I remember last time Marcel pointing to a doorway and saying that was the HQ of FLOSY, so politics never die.

cheers... Don

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Re: Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?

I think it's possible that Aden holds different memories for us.
I don't know which branch of the armed forces you served with, but among the few good memories that I have of the place, there are a lot of bad ones.
This is not the place to go into details but suffice to say that Aden changed my life, and not favourably.
Remember what was good for you and stay safe.

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Re: Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?

Thanks, Vic.... Dates fade into the distance. But I was there 1962. No wait a bit must have been about April 1963 to April 1965.

I think the first year was pretty uneventful. With things escalating during the second year.

In Forces Parlance I was a Shiney, working a a clerk in HQMEC. Then for the Provos at the roundabout at Steamer Point. Not intending to upset some folks, but some of them were right So and So's.

But "Pincher" Martin RAF Warrant Officer, and Staff Sgt Paul Para were to be relied on. Golfing with the former at Union Khormaksar Club, and drinking and climbing Shamsan with the other.

Despite the fact that barbed wire went up and things tightened, I went everywhere freely. Roamed Tawilah Tanks complex, Shamsan, and the back streets of Crater, Tawai, and Sheik Othman.

Was fortunate to have been able to interact with many locals, even being in the Darts team of The Oasis bar in Mallah, luckily not on the night it was bombed.

Was responsible for the Glasslike shine on Steamer Guard Room floor and enjoyed many a happy(drunken) hour in the Maidan Club, and the Marina Hotel, and Long bar in Tawai.

I am aware that others were not so fortunate and will have different memories. And at that age their memories, like mine, will be stamped forever in their mind.

Consider myself SO lucky to have been there and have Aden running through my blood.

From subsequent visits I feel for the Aden people. But not for the nasty Yemen invaders who have turned the place upside down.

I feel for Marcel, who does not answer my emails, the staff at the Al Amer hotel in Crater, and all the 'ordinary' folk that I have met on my visits.

Cheers... Don

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Re: Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?

The issue with travelling to Aden - it;s not safe at the moment that's why many western governments advised their citizens not to go.

Their are many Western nationals of Yemeni origins mostly from UK and States that visit Aden to see family members. Family members in Aden are advised them not travel to Aden.

Until things get better ADEN IS BIG NO NO NO

Re: Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?

I live in Aden if you need any help don't hesitate

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Re: Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?

Thanks Haneen. I am sure many of us would really like to visit but the few reports we hear about Aden and the middle east are so negative. And the actions of extremists to westerners so extreme. cheers.. Don

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Re: Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?

You are right we`re also scared the situations are getting worst and worst I believe that one day Aden will be as it was but we really need to change our ****ing government...
Any way Mr Don feel free to email me any time..

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Re: Anyone planning a visit to Aden soon?

Asslamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you)
Hello / Hi / Howdy / How do you do?

Last time I visited Aden, Yemen was in January of 2012. I was planning to stay for 3 months 'cause the weather in Aden is beautiful compare to Chicago's, USA. But after just 20 days, I had to get the hell out of there because I have noticed the city and country in whole was getting toward chaos. And I told everyone back then that the country would go for bad to worse. And I was right...I am hoping and praying to God that he would spear Yemen and its People from wars and disasters…Finally, I am not sure when will I ever go back there, but I hope soon.

So, my advise to you is stay where you are or visit other countries; erase Yemen from your list until further notice.

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