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Bounced email and Aden map

Sorry for posting this here but the email I send to Jonathan has bounced back to me as \\\\\\\"failed\\\\\\\".

Dear Jonathan,

First of all thank you for setting up BP Aden Kids, it has been an incredible source of information and assistance in project I am working on. For a number of years I have been tinkering with a web site I set up (http://pembrokeshire-pictures.co.uk/raf) to help my father track down old friends from when he served in Aden. The photos on your site have been extremely helpful in pinpointing where his photos were taken (when he can’t remember) and the stories have helped immensely in jogging his own memory.

I have recently rewritten a lot of the underlying code that generates the site and would like – with your permission – to use the map at http://www.bpadenkids.com/images/maps/Aden%20Map%201.50000.jpg to mark where his photos were taken then publish the map on his site. We are still trying to work out exactly where a lot of the photos were taken (it’s been 7 years of on-off work so far) but we’re getting there slowly. The biggest problem at the moment is that we’ve been unable to track down a map or plan of RAF Khormaksar so a fair few of the photos are “somewhere near those runways”.

Many thanks in the hope that you can help.

Kenvyn Davies

Email: webmaster@pembrokeshire-pictures.co.uk

Re: Bounced email and Aden map

Jonathan, I am also getting mail bounce back to both of your addresses I have on file. Give me a nod if you read this please.

Wishing you all a Happy and Peace Filled New Year.

Email: mail@onstuis.co.uk

Re: Bounced email and Aden map

HI Kenryn,

Try this email .


Got to update the site contact mails.



Email: N606jp@gmail.com