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Aden today

Hi all, does anyone have any contacts in Aden that can tell us what is going on with the recent attacks on Yemen? Specifically Aden

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Re: Aden today

I have Two. One I only hear from very occassionally and not recently. The other Haneen Mohanned who has posted here.

Hear from her two weeks ago, not since. She feared that everything was turning to Sh.... and War was imminent.

The South (Aden) wants to split from Yemen. And then one would think it might be safe to go back. Been wars before and was a no go area. Then it was "safe" to return. And I was lucky enough to return 3s times.

Now one wonders if with Al Queda and ISIS if the whole picture has not permanently changed for the worse.

Will we ever be able to return?????? If I hear anything from my friends I will post.

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Re: Aden today

Much news coming through on Twitter.

In a nutshell, up to this point, as I understand it:

Saleh backed by Iran (with money from the US to help keep AlQaida in check, but mostly used for his own purposes) deposed last year but not wanting to give up.

New President Hadi a moderate and seemed welcomed by the people but the Houthis, backed by Saleh (and therefore Iran) wanted him out. He fled to the South.

Saudi don't want the Houthis (or Iran) to control Yemen because it's a serious risk to them, but the old King was reticent about direct action. The new king not so much so Saudi, in conjunction with the GCC (almost everyone other than Iran), are now doing what they can to get rid of the Houthis by air attacks on their bases. Houthis are moving south and have already got control of Khormaksar airport (as far as I know) but are being held back by the airtsrikes and by the now heavily armed South Yemenis who are even more intent on becoming independent again.

It seems that, in truth, Al Qaida were never really a serious force in Yemen. This was more of a propaganda exercise by Saleh to get more money out of the US. So far ISIS don't have a very strong hold there either.

All or none of this may be wrong, and of course it's far more complicated than that, but it's what I have gleaned from somewhat broken testimony on Twitter and a few more or less informative blogs.

This may, or may not, help: What The Hell Is Going On In Yemen

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Re: Aden today

Actually the news that you've already mentioned are 90% true but we all know that the social networks and social media usually exaggerate things.. yesterday a lot of air attacks by ALHOUTHIS AND THE EX PRESIDENT had demolished KHOURMAKSAR and the number of fatalities big all of them are young innocent boys and families from The neighborhood itself ..I'm so sad cause one of my best friends died when they bombed..
If you want to ask about anything feel free to emil me at any time

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Re: Aden today

You should check your in-box in your email from time to time

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