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Update on Haneen and Aden

After a month of silence I have heard from Haneen. These are her words.

Hey Don, actually things are not getting any better and I wont get better soon. Crater became quite abandoned now. I am in ENMA CITY near B.P. CLUP "AL BURIQA' its the safest place for now. My life turns to tragedy in a couple of o.g. months. I did not realise that this is the war until they killed my precious mother.

P.S. The internet service is bad, the communication service in general is suck.

So things in Aden have reached a very low level, non of which we in the outside world hear anything about.

We can only pray that some sort of sanity will prevail amongst the warring factions. But getting back to normal will be a long haul. Don

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Re: Update on Haneen and Aden

Haneen confirms that she is about 7 minutes by car from Refinery. Electricity cuts still in progress. 2 hours on and 4 off. When I was there last the cuts were rotated in districts and at random times.

Not good as the Hot Season is fast approaching. And when I was there last I thought things were getting hotter and Marcel confirmed this.

Haneen says that locals not being informed of what is happening.

Email: don@snap.net.nz