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Messages from Yasser Alwan

Yasser contacted me this evening with this very sad news. He is a school master & a respected member of the community in Bir Fuqum. He has a wife & 3 young children.

Today at 10 a.m. vokm village was bombed by 12 rocket
At the Centre of the village and up and over the mountains and the beach and the streets and school
The rockets destroyed 3 houses and walls of the school and other places
There are many injuries
No dead
But 80% of the population, then escaped and fled to the town of little Aden
I fled with my family (kaoud alnamr) in little Aden
Very bad situation
The shelling was very, very scary
People are fleeing and no where to hide
Random shelling
Just close our eyes and pretend God (God preserve)
There are hundreds of displaced families to do two months ago escaped after pounding the school harbors and don't know where to run
See them come running here and there whenever he hid a place had been bombed
There is no safe place
6 pm pounded the salads (I don't know how many dead and injured)
I and my family we hold our clothes that wear on only
Do not take anything
We left everything
We went barefoot fleeing certain death
My wife and daughters collapsing, nervous
We have very bad here

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Re: Messages from Yasser Alwan

It seems Little Aden is no longer a safe haven. Yasser sent me this message on Sunday.

We still live

Tragic situation
Humanitarian disaster

There is no water no electricity there is no food and no money
Wheat non-existent
Shops empty
Shelling on residential streets daily
Every day we bury dozens of innocent civilians

10 days before the person buried 30 of my best friends
Artillery strike killed as they ate collective food in the tent

Fear and hunger and the atmosphere is very hot and many diseases

I am responsible relief center in the village fuqum
And I received some relief from the United Nations and Arab Emirates
But very little relief
in 400 displaced families from war zones present in fuqum School
And received food only enough for 50 families only
Many promises the arrival of relief but do not receive only crumbs
Hungry People

Can you help us, my friend
I have need you more than ever

My friend helped me

Re: Messages from Yasser Alwan

Johnathan.......Much as we would like to help we really are helpless. If Aid Agencies are being intercepted, and Emirates States have no power it looks like only a Super powers intervention would succeed.

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