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A New member

I am from Aden ...
I loved your participation in our sorrows in the war

And the survival of your memory of ِِِAden

So I wanted to say a greeting to you

Email: algbre@outlook.com

Re: A New member

Hi Afif. It seems that no-one saw your greeting that you sent on July this year. I was in your lovely country back in 1965 and apart from the troubles and friends of mine who were killed, I really enjoyed Aden and I have fond memories of the Adeni people. Thank you for your greeting on behalf of the BP Kids website.

I was a British soldier, a medic and I served out in Aden from Sept 1965 until May 1967. I have wanted to return for a good many years, but I am 76 years old now, so do not think I will get the chance before I die. But I will always have my memories.

Greetings from the UK.


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