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"The Last Post". Drama about Aden in 1965

From the web site: "The Last Post is a 6 part returning drama series, created by Peter Moffat for BBC1, which will film from October 2016 – March 2017 and is due to transmit in 2017. "

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Should be of interest to many on here.
Will be particularly interesting how they get around the likely difficulties of actually filming in Aden.

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Re: "The Last Post". Drama about Aden in 1965

The series is being filmed in Kenya. When first advertised they mentioned the BP club and beach. I wonder what that will look like! I supplied them with one picture. A swimming gala at the Seaman's Mission. I wonder where will be used.
Best wishes Jonathan W

Re: "The Last Post". Drama about Aden in 1965

I have to confess to being more than a little sceptical about the accuracy of this venture.
Will I watch it? Possibly, but I do tend to be a trifle over critical of such offerings (much to the irritation of my wife!).
If they have done their research and those involved can manage to be even slightly convincing, then I might even make it as far as the first advert break (unless it's screened by the BBC, of course.)

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