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The Last Post BBC

The BBC are about to run The Last Post. It is based in Aden in 1965 covering the British Forces and their families in Aden. A link to the trailer is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq4NkrHD_GE

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Re: The Last Post BBC

Hi Jonathan, hope you and Marion are doing well. Should be an interesting program. It was filmed in Kenya so no authentic scenery etc. The production company approached me about using some pictures from this web site. They are only using one of a swimming gala event at the Seaman Mission! I thought they would have at least used some of the club and the beach as the original announcement stated "fish and chips at the BP club and beach"
Best wishes
Jonathan W

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Re: The Last Post BBC

Hi Jonathan. Marion and I are well. We watched last nights episode of The Last Post. Interesting comments of the army wives on their visit to "The BP Club". They obviously based the footage of the inshore raft at the club on the photos you provided. They didn't get the pole that the raft used to slide up and down with the tide quite right, but a good effort nonetheless.

On a sad note, I have to report that Peter Mackley died of a heart attack last month. I attended his memorial service and provided some photos and anecdotes of his visits to Aden to his nephew who gave the eulogy.

Best wishes

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Re: The Last Post BBC

We're getting brief insights of the series which I suspect are designed to lure the unsuspecting viewer into watching it.
My wife's comment was: "That looks dreadful!".
Our weekend newspaper supplement revealed that the RMPs were going to go up country on the Dhala Road to rendezvous with the SAS, who had captured the leader of the NLF.
RMPs up country? Really?

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