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Memories of a bygone Era !!

I am Danny born in Aden, actually in Crater Aden (street name Bohra Bazaar)

My family had a home in Khormaksar, Aden area too.

We had a shop called VAKCO GENERAL STORE on The Crescent, Steamer Point Aden, close to the then National & Grindleys Bank now called Bank of Yemen.

I went to school at St. Anthony's on or near Steamer Point Aden.

My sisters went to the Convent School on Steamer Point which I think was on the forefront and St Anthony's was at the back of it.

We used to spend a lot of time in the swimming pools of SHEIKH OTHMAN gardens, family used to book the place for the lot of us.

Ah...those were happy days !!

Now settled in North London (LBB)

Peace !!

Email: nebulas@yahoo.com