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Engine Swap - Rotation

__. Mark, in regard to your investigation of engine swaps, what it the direction of rotation of the US engine that you're considering using in your bus (looking at it from the flywheel or drive end)? What is the engine you're looking at? What's the HP and at what RPM?

(This isn't my real question but I'm guessing you can figger out what my real question is! )

Bruce, NC USA

Re: Engine Swap - Rotation

My buses Gardner engine runs counter clockwise all US made engines run Clockwise.
I am looking at putting a International DT 466 Diesel engine and a AT 545 Allison Automatic Transmission into the bus. I found a Comany on line that will make me a reversing box that is an in line unit with a water cooling jacket to keep the unit cool.
The DT 466 is a 300 HP 2400 RPM engine 466 Cu in (7.6 liter) You can get them from used school buses.

I posted the question to the club if there were any others interested in doing this so If they need the reversing box also I would get them one when I order mine.

Not sure what question you really wanted.

Re: Re: Engine Swap - Rotation

__. Yeah, I gotta check the direction of rotation of the O-680 in my bus ... but I have the feeling that it's probably the wrong way.
__. Man, that International engine sounds sweet! But I'm not sure that the transmission in my bus would live with that much HP anyway.

Re: Re: Re: Engine Swap - Rotation

Hi This is my first post. I bought a 1955 enclosed bus late Nov. locally. This bus was used as a stationary camper for 20 years. The drive train is a Chevy 6 cylinder and 4 speed. I have not driven it. The previous owner said the shifting pattern was backwards. So I assume that if you flip the trans, then you can run US engines. My location is near Knoxville Tennessee, my phone # is 865-995-3366.

Re: Engine Swap - Rotation

My wife just bought a 1963 Bristol that has an International engine and Allison transmission. This seems to work fine but the reversing box makes a lot of noise. I do not believe there is any system that cools the reversing box. It has broken once in the 6 months she has owned it and I am wondering if may be a continuing issue. That was an expensive fix. Where did you get your reversing box? Maybe hers needs to be replaced. Thanks for your help.