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maintenence leyland pd3

I am looking for help with my leyland pd3 1958 manual trans. I need oil filter and bulbs for rear lights. Would love to find wiring diagram and engine info for the 0600. Any info would be appreciated. I am finding very little info on this model of bus.

Re: maintenence leyland pd3

Where are you located, John?

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Re: Re: maintenence leyland pd3

I live in fort myers florida, but i am in england until monday.

Re: Re: Re: maintenence leyland pd3

Since you're in the UK, I'd suggest that you send an email to (replace "domain" with "self-preservation-society"). Ask his help and suggestions with what you need.
I was able to find some manuals for my bus on EBay but I've been disappointed with the quality. Pretty much the items of what's out there are poor Xerox's, missing pages or sections, etc. But a poor/ incomplete manual is better than nothing. Also, let the British Bus Club know what you're looking for -- Mark has done a great job at getting manuals (and having ones already in the US put on CD) for members.
If you're able to get to the UK on even an occasional basis (especially on someone else's dime), you'll be way ahead on things. I just paid nearly $100 to have a 5 pound part posted to me (and I looked at alternatives [Fed-Ex, DHL, etc.] and that $100 by UK post office was the cheapest).
I'm planning to go over in the autumn - I'll have items posted by ordinary domestic post to a friend and bring those items home.
Good luck, Bruce H NC USA
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Re: Re: Re: Re: maintenence leyland pd3

Hi all, John is already a member of the club , he can go into the members only section check out the manuals there , but being over in the UK he might just try and get in touch with the Leyland Association they can probaly answer all his questions there is a link to them in the other club section of this web site.
I would try and get intouch with the president of the club or one of the chairmembers.

Mark G