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need transmission work

My first post- i just purchased a '71 Bristol RTV. It is in florida and I am in Chicago. I am planning on towing it up here and finding a shop unafraid to tackle rebuilding the transmission. It is a gardner engine. The chasis # is VRTSL2787, the Body # is 18844 and the Tag # is 6LXB. Can anyone tell me of someone near Chicago that can help with this? I'm willing to invest the money. The bus has only been out of commission a few years and the engine runs. Any help is appreciated. I will be browsing the website and compiling info.
James Tillapaugh

Re: need transmission work

__. James, you're not going to like this reply but I was in a similar situation with my '76 Daimler Fleetline bus. I couldn't find anyone with the knowledge or tools to work on the transmission in the US. I had to work out an exchange arrangement with Queensbridge Transmissions in Yorkshire England. Yes, this means shipping your transmission across the ocean (actually, they got a "core" in the UK, rebuilt it and shipped it to the US while my old transmission was going back to them).

__. Check out

Re: Re: need transmission work

did you acquired the bus?will you like to sell it as is?

Please let me know, thanks.