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Bus starts but dies soon after

My 1961 Ladekka starts but instantly dies.
Seem like it is not getting gas. Full pump is pumping, and there is a full tank of gas.
We have removed the fuel line and it is definitely getting fuel.
If one of the injectors was clogged, would that be the cause.

Re: Bus starts but dies soon after

Since mine is a '62 I think I know your problem first off it's a Desiel engine not a gas engine, Hope you have desiel in the tank not gas, It sounds like you pump is not pushing enough fuel to keep the engine running how do you know it's pumping? If you stand next to the engine and have someone else push the starter you can open each injector line one at a time at the injector pump and make sure the fuel is getting to the injectors, once this is primed this way then have someone else listen at the fuel tank opening and make sure the excess fuel is returning to the tank.
this sure sounds like a bad fuel pump to me. Mine would start last year but had no power, after rebuilding the fuel pump I have had no problems. these engines will run on 3 cylinders but of course all running is better.
here's a quick way fo making sure it's the fuel pump. go to you local auto parts store and buy an electric fuel pump or if you know someone that has one borrow it and hook that in the line between the tank and injector pump, then try to see if the engine will keep running. I did that till I rebuilt mine. There is a link in the supplier pages for the Amal fuel pumps they have a kit for rebuilding these pumps.
If you need more help write me or just post here.
Where are you located?

Re: Re: Bus starts but dies soon after

This is great. You answered my next question.
We got the bus running, just a little love. It was getting "Diesel" to all injectors, it was just cold.
I was going to ask about having the original fuel pump re-built, it is currently mounted, but disabled. There is an electric fuel up now, and I want to revert back to the original.
I will check out the link to suppliers, thanks.
How about a motor for my side door. It is gone and I would like to have it working.
I am also looking for new seals for my transmission, it leaks very bad!
Need rubber for all windows, rollers for signs!
Thanks, highly appreciated.
New 1961 Bristol Lodekka owner,
Happy and Maquette!

Re: Re: Re: Bus starts but dies soon after

Just so happens we can help you out with most of the items your looking for including the motor for the door.
I am ordering rebuild kits today for my fuel pump Please let me know if you want me to add another to the order ASAP.
Why not join the club?

we are getting together to make an order for the rubber for the windowns and other items we need like seat material.
We are always looking for donor buses to make a spare part inventory.
Please send me your address and contact information and I'll send you the costs for the parts we have that you need. The rubber we are going to get a price from the manufacturer and then split the totoal between every one that needs is. Plus the shipping , we are looking for US based companies to make what we need but if we can not find one I have a source for it in the UK.

Where are you located?

Mark G
please send your address to this e-mail address instead of postingit here.