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removal of O 600 fluid coupling

I own a 1966 Albion Lowlander with O 600 engine and fluid coupling.
I had to remove the worn out coupling and having mounted a new one I have difficulties to get it oil-tight, also the attached drive to the gear-box.
anybody there who can help?

Re: removal of O 600 fluid coupling

I don't think anyone in the club has this kind of bus but, let me ask did you put a new seal in when you mounted the flywheel? I have found even if they look dgood they should be replaced in any car or bus I have worked on. The gaskets also around the outer area of the castings should be replaced also. if you did that and they still leak. I would break it apart again then put some sealent on the gaskets and then let it cure and then seal her up again. see if that helps but i will ask the other members if they have a Leyland 0-600 engine in any of their buses.

Mark G
The poster below you had a similar problem with his 0-680 engine why not write him also.