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Please read and Respond to this post!

Hi All, Please let me know what you think, since we already have a "Parts for sale section" and a "Forum" I'm thinking of removing the classified section from the list . Please let me know what your think after all this is your web site also.

I would like to see more corispondents here in the forum but it seems that we have a limited amount of folks that read this forum and the other one.
When I started the club it was for selfish reasons , I needed help for my bus and when others wanted to join I got wraped up in the club, I have been doing ALL the work here in the web site and club, I have had offers for others to help like a editor for a newsletter but I with out your help that never happened, I am thinking that I can not keep doing this I have had several Family problems and can not afford to keep putting my money into buying service manauls and the like for you all to use. I would like some support from the membership. I know some of you have sent me some funds and your dues, But this is not enough, I buy manuals from the UK the cost vary sometimes I get lucky and get the ones we need for less than I thought they would go for , the last few have cost between $50-90. plus the shipping which varies If any of you have bought parts from the UK you know most of the time your parts cost less than the shipping.
I have right now, service manual for Bristol
"LH" , Service Tips for Bristol KS and AVW engines to convert to PDF files and others there are 4-6 of them sitting in my office. I do all this becuase I love helping others but I have to cut back on spending now, So without your help there will be no more service manuals bought. There has always been a donation link on the first page of the web site but no one uses it. I have tried to sell buses on our website and have sold a few but I never get the 10% I ask for when a bus is sold, I guess folks just don't live up to thier promisses so I'm going to remove that section also. No use paying to advertise if you don't get paid when something get's sold.
I will wait about a week to make these changes, Please leave feed back or let me know what you all think.

I'm not closing the web site or the club , I think the club is needed to help everyone fix thier buses. I just need some help!!

Please Help me out with keeping this club going.

Mark Golding

Re: Please read and Respond to this post!

Your original post was over a month ago, and I noticed no other replies. I admit it has been a while since I last viewed the Club page, but you can count on me to help you -- you have helped me numerious times since I got my bus six months ago.

- John

Re: Please read and Respond to this post!

Mark, I got laid off this year (actually, my usual part-year job didn't happen because of the economy) so I am short of cash but if I can help in another way, let me know.

I would suggest that people help that way that I have done in the past. I bought manuals that are pertinant to my bus then loaned them to the club. Mark then scanned then into PDF files. I got my hard-copy manuals back and Mark has the electronic copies to add to the Club library.

1976 Daimlier Fleetline, Leyland O-680 engine

Re: Please read and Respond to this post!

a new owner here who would love to purchase routemaster manuals from you to help you out. please email me the info so we can make this all work.

eric nicholes

Re: Please read and Respond to this post!

Since the Routemaster bus is a fairly new bus the Routemaster Ass. does have printed copies of there Manuals but we can not sell them.
Look on our front page there is a link to their website , there you can find a link to the sales page for manuals.
Where are you located?

How about joining this club.

Re: Please read and Respond to this post!

Sorry, just figured out there was a forum. I perused the links when I first started looking for parts, but sourced out myself directly to England. It took weeks to finally land a solid lead on new parts for my VR, but the single most helpful thing I found on this club site was the manuals page. My 3cents, I think the manuals should be given a value to buy. I would gladly offer up a reasonable amount to have gotten my manual. It's been very useful in determining specs, servicing brakes, pretty important stuff. I'm grateful for your website and I hope to add a vendor or two to that list.

Re: Please read and Respond to this post!

Since posting the original post I have obtained an older copy of the Routemaster manual and I have a few others that have been sent to me, Now that am all moved into my new office I'll be hard at work copying and converting them into PDF.
As for putting a price on the service manuals we have them listed for sale in the Store. We have been selling them on ebay but I dropped that till now since I didn't sell as many as I did at first and It cost a monthly fee on ebay so we now only sell on the store page.
Not bad sold a few this past month.
I apreciate any finacial help we can get to keep the club going and if any one wants tohelp out creating a news letter contact me.