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I am a new owner of RM2010

I am trying to get as much information as I can about my routemaster 2010 to service it properly. I am wondering what type of U.S products to lubricate with that are commonly found. What type of oil? transmission fluid? The only thing that does not work on my bus are the blinkers and I am having a heck of a time trying to diagnose the wiring and problem, I would love to purchase a manual as well. Thanks for this forum, its great. I look forward to responses.

Re: I am a new owner of RM2010


Try posting a message up on this group. They may be able to help you with viscosities of the fluids needed for your RM. I believe there are US / Canadian owners on that group too.

Do you have the "ear" type trafficators on your RM and are they giving you the problem. If so i have a diagram of how they are wired and what to do to try and fix them

Re: I am a new owner of RM2010

yes, I have the ear indicators and would be very appreciative to have the diagrams to help me out. thanks very much,