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Double decker breakdown cover?!

Hello! I'm hoping you can help! We are about to buy a Leyland 1964 Titan PD3 and need to drive it from Cornwall to Bristol. Our only worry is breaking down on the way! There is no reason that this should happen as the bus is in good order but you have to be prepared for all eventualities!! So, if the worst was to happen does anyone have any advice?! Is there such a thing as double decker bus recovery?! Can you get cover anywhere?! What would the costs be to have her recovered? Has anyone experienced anything similar?! Any advice gratefully received!! Thanks! Red

Re: Double decker breakdown cover?!

Actually you ask something I have no idea about since it looks to me your in the UK , I have moved many buses that just drove fine and I have one that I have had towed over here in the USA. I would check with folks at the Bus ralleys over there or a large towing company to see what they would charge if you broke down. But I bet if you check her out good and get the engine primed etc she will run down the road just fine.
Those engines I'm assuming is a O680 right we have on line in our members section a service manual for that engine if you join our club you can access all the information on line, Or buy the manual through either UK Pay Pal or our store on the web site.

Sorry I can not be of more help to you at this time.
Good luck with your moving her and with her future.

Mark G
Founder of The British Bus Club/ USA

Re: Double decker breakdown cover?!

If you insure your vehicle through most of the companies that handle historic vehicle insurance in Britain (ie Rigton) the offer breakdown recovery in the policy.

Most bus museums or society's in that area will only be too happy to assist you with a recovery company who is reasonable.