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Double Decker NOS Parts from London!

Hello Forum-ites,
It would seem we are all united in the struggle to maintain parts for our british bus addiction. I spent months refurbing my Bristol VR and finally found a reliable source for parts in London that is willing to ship to the US and go the distance on finding the hard to find parts. I was lucky enough to buy New old stock parts, Parking brake valve, new brake linings, lenses, etc. If you need someone you can deal with on a person to person basis, call George Sinclair of Sinclair Business and Commercial in London: Contact number:(from the US) 011 44 208 591 1778 Fax number: 011 44 208 507 7837

He is oldschool, has no email...but does have a fax. He did exactly what he said he would do, turns out he provides most of Canada with their DD bus parts and ships entire engines/gear boxes/buses to them. I was the first US order he had so far, but it went without a hitch. Direct wire transfer, no problem. I was a little worried at first, but he's honest and knows his stuff. Be sure to have your part numbers and broken parts in your hands. If you have alot of items, prepare a fax and send it first. He has connections to some rare old routemaster scrappers as well.

That was a shameless plug for the guy, but I searched for months for someone like him that could get the job done and not rob me blind. I told him once I got my parts I would share his info with the club, he said he is happy to help anyone in need of parts. Shipping charges were actual cost, once you have a weight, you can go to and quote the items on a 5 day shipping turn around. It's not cheap, but you get it fast.

Good luck club

Re: Double Decker NOS Parts from London!

Hi JP. I will add the card you sent me to the supplier page and the story you just posted is great. I will probably attach the letter you wrote me to the request for Dues I'm sending out this month.
Do you know if he has any manuals?

Re: Double Decker NOS Parts from London!

Thanks, I could see getting another VR project going in the future possibly. Will give him a call next week to find out if there are any manuals to be had. What is the most elusive manual so far? Wouldnt surprise me if he could get his hands on some...Cheers~ JP

Re: Double Decker NOS Parts from London!

Technical manuals for parts like the VRT & VR transmisions.
I have someone out in Minn that has a few VR's for sale if interested let me know,