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Destination Blinds

I can get destination blinds manufactured to your specification or original London Transport specification. Non-London Transport operators are also available too.

These blinds are made to the correct specification but on modern Tyvek material, which will be longer lasting and harder wearing than paper or linen.

Special blinds for weddings, special events or private operators are also available to be manufactured to your specification.

Although not cheap these blinds are good. For an example see Ensign's newly restored RT 8 with some of these blinds fitted.

I bought a set for future fitment to RLH 62 that were a combination of the routes 230 and 178, which my bus ran on during it's career. Made in Britain by craftsmen not cheapo copies.

Details via me at the email address below.

Re: Destination Blinds

I was not aware of this information, Bur feel glad after knowing it. This information helps me in future during my travel trip to Britain.

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