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found a green bus here in Ca USA anyone can tell me what kind???

it is a green route master with rolls royce engine...the only id i found on the bus was on a small badge....RLH/1G...anyone tell me what kind and whys it green and not red it use to be red was inside of drivers door...dont know much about the history of these buses...but want one....cheers appreciate any info

Re: found a green bus here in Ca USA anyone can tell me what kind???

This is RLH 3 an ex-London Transport RLH, built upon the Regent lll chassis. It is not a Routemaster, which was a later AEC/ London Transport (LT) double decker.

RLH3 ( KYY503) was built in 1950 by AEC with an MCW low height body. It served with LT until the mid-1960's. Not all buses in Britain are are red and London Tranport country area were Green not red (LT Central area buses were red).

I own RLH62 and I am currently rebuilding it back to 1965 condition. You can get more info on RLH type buses on my friend's website :

They are quite rare buses as LT only had 76 of them (RLH's) when compared to the approx 4500 standard RT type double deckers. The engine is not a Rolls-Royce but an AEC A208 9.6 litre diesel.

Email me for more info if you wish