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Transmission in Bristol FLF

I own Bristol 1964 FLF 6B, that was rebuild by Texas Land Yachts and converted to Bank. It has Detroit engine and Allison automatic transmission now.
Driveshaft from transmission is 2 ft long and goes into same sort of “gear box”. From there it goes to back wheels. When I start the engine and engage gear, driveshaft from transmission is spinning only up to “gear box”. The rest of driveshaft will not turn.
What is the purpose of that second “gear box”, and is there a way to engage it or is it broken? Bus was driving OK 6 years ago. It was parked until last week when I got it towed to Illinois(driveshaft was out when in tow).
Thanks for any response. Does somebody know anything more about history of my bus?
Michal K.