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Auction warning

If you are considering selling any bus ( or railway) memorabilia through a company called London Transport Auctions'. Then please think very carefully before doing so.
About three years ago I submitted my collection to this company, and yes, many of the items were sold at a good price, however I had to wait a very long time before receiving my money. The following action saw a few more items put up for sale, and again I had to wait several weeks before I saw any money. The last auction was last year where only a very few of the remaining items were put up for sale, with of course the long wait for payment.
This January I had had enough and requested the return of any unsold items. At first the director Peter Duplock was agreeable and offered to drop them into me next time he was in my area. Weeks went by and still no sign of my items which included several quite rare Underground posters. There was always a 'good' excuse when I e-mailed or phoned him, but by then his tone had changed and I was told that he did not return items, as they had to be collected personally from his office.
Howeve, trying to find out his office address was not easy as he seemed to move around quite frequently.
It is now over seven months since I first requested the return of my property and still there is no sign of it happening.
I have made several enquiries about this company and have been told that this has happened several times before to others who have used them. Their entry at Company's House makes very interesting reading with several county court judgments made agains them (him) two from London Transport.
Speaking to my contact at the London Bus Museum, I was told that he was not at all surprised at what I told him and that the Museum has distanced itself from them as a result of their personal experiences. For the past couple of months E-mails and phone calls have all gone unanswered.
This week I sent Mr Duplock a solicitor's letter demanding the return of my property, as yet I have not received a reply.
So please, if you have any items you wish to dispose of then look elsewhere as you may not see them. Or your money again. If you use London Transport Auctions.
I notice that according to their website they are seeking items for their next sale in a week or so's time. You have been warned!
Jim Stringer