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Michael and I would like to welcome you to the Movers & Shakers Forum!
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She is amazing

Let me first say that Gretchen has put a lot of effort into this website. But more importantly she has put a lot of effort, time, and heart into doing what she can for others who are affected by Parkinsons. I speak with her almost daily, and I know that she is in a constant battle with Parkinsons herself. I can never really understand what it must be like for her to deal with this every day.
But what impresses me most about Gretchen is not that she deals with it, but that she overcomes it. Rather than sinking down in self-pity, she rises above it daily and focuses on helping others do the same.


Hi everyone. I just had to write to acknowledge the last remarks on gretchin. What a gal!!! and Michael and her are quite the team. When I first started finding the help Gretchen and Michael found me. along with a whole crew of folks I just sat and looked at my inbox and cried .So thanks ALL !! and girlfriend your quite the rock to many.Maybe somedays I can help you ?
Love Gina


Hi Gretchen and Michael it's me Gina from idaho